How to unpack your game (easy quick steps) and what mods are available? (Optional)

First, you should watch AlexVII’s video on this topic: Note: Remember to complete the packed Install version first with updated game files using the "check gamefiles" feature in the launcher settings on paradise launcher, before unpacking your game.


How to install unpacker GUI and transfer files over:

Project Paradise 2 Unpacked Guide

  1. Download the unpacker GUI file:
  2. Launch the unpacker file.
  3. Make a new folder for the unpacked game.
  4. Select the packed folder in the installation process then select the new folder so the files can be copied and unpacked to it.
  5. Wait for it to copy the files (this will take time.)
  6. You are now finished and have unpacked your game.

Once you have completed unpacking your game you have access to any mods you want to have.

Beware: Make sure you don't use the mods to an advantage in competitive environment and make sure that you don't ruin other players experience - it's a multiplayer mod for all not for some, remember that.

Important! Before installing mods like car packs, it’s better to complete story mode first, since modded cars can add a level of difficulty to the point where races become unbeatable. Plus, it’s a more rewarding expierence.

Below are some of the mods you can install into your game by going into #modding channel in the discord server and looking at pins 📌 - it shows all the mods that work inside Project Paradise 2 server. ****

<aside> 💡 WARNING: Don’t combine multiple car packs!


Here are some of the most popular mods: