You want a fully Open NAT to host lobbies? Follow this guide!

NAT Type explained

With a Red or an Orange NAT type you can still play online, but you can’t host sessions. This means that you have to rely on other people to join a session, to see them in freeroam.

How to make your NAT Type fully open

  1. Enter the IP address of your router (it can be found in network settings, google it if you can’t find it) into your web browser.
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Make sure your connection is set to IPv4!
  4. Enable UPnP, which enables the game to automatically port forward.
  5. Apply settings, restart your router and PC and check your NAT type in the launcher. Note that you sometimes need to reopen it once or twice to detect the correct status.

If there is still no Fully Open NAT type, go to your router web panel again, find the port forwarding section and enable port UDP 8889. Be sure you disable UPnP again if doing this step, as having the port manually forwarded and UPnP enabled at the same time causes issues. Apply settings and restart your router and PC.

Only “Open:FullCone” is a fully open NAT type, “Open:Symmetric” is not a green NAT type!